How to Prepare your Home before Going on a Trip

How to Prepare your Home before Going on a Trip

Most people leave their yard unoccupied when they embark on a trip.  But there are ways to prepare your home for the period you will be away – if you want to avoid any hazards or security issues.

Notify the Alarm Company

There might be an emergency that will need your alarm company to respond as quickly as possible while you’re away. Notifying them of your intended absence in advance will make it easier for them to dispatch police immediately – if need be. If your trip is going to take you farther away from your country, you can as well give them the contact of someone close to you incase they can’t reach you or if they need to  gain entry into your home.

Open your Closet Doors

When closets are tightly closed or sealed, they are likely to develop some nasty stench. Therefore, if there’s no way for air to flow freely in your house while you’re away, open the closet doors.

Take care of all Electronics and Electricals

Unplug all electronics like coffee makers, toasters, TV, chargers, adaptors and so on. It wouldn’t make any sense paying for electricity you didn’t use just because you were careless enough to let these gadgets suck up the little power while you’re gone.

If you have a thermostat or an air conditioner, adjust them to fit the furniture and features in your home. Some woods for example, cannot tolerate humidity or heat. You wouldn’t want to destroy your properties by making your home too hot or cold. Besides, a report by USA Today stated that you can save up to 2% on your electricity bill for every degree you turn up on the thermostat.

If your water heater has vacation mode on its settings, put it on or better still unplug it entirely if possible.

Some people prefer leaving their lights on (or off) through out their absence, while some even set it on timer. But if you have a good reliable neighbor that wouldn’t mind, they can easily switch on (and off) your lights while you’re away. Whatever the case, you can decide which suits you best.

Your Bathroom

Clean the tiles in your bathroom so you don’t have dirts sticking thick on them when you get back. You can also pour half a cup of chlorine into the water cistern bowl to prevent the standing water in it from forming that brownish ring.

CCTV Cameras and Telephone

If you have a Close Circuit TV (CCTV) camera mounted in your curb, you can get an app that helps you monitor what’s going on in your vicinity even as you’re away. Some apps are made in a way that you get a notification when there’s movement in your yard.

You need to also mute your home telephone’s ringer because long rings are a sign that you aren’t home and burglars could take advantage of that to invade your house.

Clean the Kitchen

Hastily putting away wet plates or plates that are not properly washed can lead to a bug and mould/mildew problem. Ensure that you clean all kitchen utensils well and store them away in a dry area or a cupboard.

After cleaning the kitchen, you will need to take all the garbage out and trash them. Some people feel that since the trash can in the house is covered, it’s fine. But don’t be shocked to come back from your vacation to meet flies, ants and an offensive odour – due to egg shells, fruit or food remnants that were not taken out before the trip.

Flushing the garbage disposal with water and vinegar helps prevent insects from taking over your kitchen.

On a final note, there are many top travel tricks, tips and resources that can help you also enjoy your trip – but you need to ensure that the home is safe so you can have a pleasant abode to return to after your trip.

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